Depending on the vendor, sometimes we work in partnership with their direct salespeople and sometimes we are in competition. For the vendors where we are in direct competition, here’s why you’d want to work with Tech-Gofer:

  1. High Turnover Rates in Direct Sales – You’ll likely have a new Account Manager every 6-12 months vs the same Account Team for years with us.
  2. On-Going Support – Aside from special escalation lists not available to direct-sold clients, our compensation is based on our Client’s paying their invoice. That said, it is in our best interest to stay involved, help fix your issues throughout the life of your contract, etc, otherwise – we’ll go out of business! Nearly all Direct Sales Teams are paid 1-time commission for your business and from there, only on upgrades so you’ll get handed off to a Care Team who you have no relationship with.
  3. Better Pricing – As we represent other solutions, our team can leverage pricing from alternatives to get you a better price with the vendor of your choice. A direct salesperson can’t get a quote from their competitor….
  4. 1 Solution to Offer vs The Marketplace – We can offer the best of breed solutions available from all the options in the marketplace, while the Direct Salesperson can only sell you what their company offers which may or may not be the right fit for your business.
  5. Long Term Relationships – Our primary objective is to help our clients have successful technology projects by helping them be more efficient and effective. With our large portfolio of vendors, agnostic engineering resources, automated online forms, 24x7x365 Quote Desk, specialized tools, Training Events and Dedicated Support/Success Managers – we’re built to support you on today’s project and many more.

Our portfolio of Vendors, Subject Matter Experts, Automated Online Forms, 24x7x365 Quote Desk, Specialized Tools and Dedicated Support/Success Managers far exceed the level of service you’ll find with alternative indirect sales partners. We have multiple global-consulting awards to prove it!

If you think a quick search will provide you specific, technical information for the complex solution you’re looking to implement, find the right vendors, develop the best technical scope of work and ensure you’re working with the best people at the vendor – We would disagree! Also, Google doesn’t have a 24x7x365 Quote Desk to qualify and streamline getting you budgetary pricing, but we do!
We appreciate what they do, but they are not going to schedule you meetings. If you want help developing your technical scope of work, that may be expensive and they may not represent all solutions in the marketplace or include multiple Subject Matter Experts in the design. Additionally, the vendors listed on Gartner’s pay significant sums of money, so not every vendor “Pays to Play” which leaves some very good solutions off the Quadrant. In almost every case, we represent the vendors you’ll find on the quadrant and many more! That said, use Gartner’s as a research tool and we’ll do the legwork to schedule you the meetings or get quotes with the vendors you want.

This is a great resource to see what your peers are saying and solve a quick issue, but Spiceworks won’t schedule you appointments with the vendors you want, help you build a scope of work for your project or connect you with Agnostic Resources to differentiate vendors. It’s a great tool, but Tech-Gofer can do the legwork to connect you with the vendors you’ve researched and more!