Who We Are

In late 2006, Zoom Communications, LLC was founded with a simple idea: We will be a better resource and business partner to clients if we represent more than 1 solution option.  Over the next 8 years, Zoom grew to include over 40 referral partners, 250 Clients & a portfolio of 100+ telecom vendors.  In 2014, the company expanded with a new brand, No More Salespeople Consulting, with the same idea at heart, but covering many more technologies like Cloud, Phone Systems, Security, Managed IT, and more.  By covering a multitude of technologies and vendors, we were able to take a more holistic approach to our client’s needs and create solutions no single provider could offer.  This new approach led to No More Salespeople Consulting winning the Channel Partner’s 360 Award, a globally recognized technology consulting award, 3 times between 2017 and 2018.


In 2019, the decision was made to combine these operations into Tech-Gofer, a technical business consultancy services and distribution firm, which now includes a client base of over 450 Medium to Enterprise organizations, 80+ Referral Partners and 400+ technology vendors.  As we grow and expand, we’ll continue our focus on automation and client enablement.  This includes building unique tools like our Gofer Links, Client Portal with RFP Blast, Gofer Events and more.

We look forward to learning more about your technology project & remember: Tech Project? GOFER IT!!!!