Helping IT decision makers solve their tech related business challenges for over 17 years.


To help organizations of all sizes be more efficient and successful in their technology procurement and deployment.


To revolutionize technology procurement by creating better processes, providing the best resources and having the largest portfolio to source from, all to ensure the best possible business outcomes for our Clients.

Core Values

Think Outside The Box
Elevate Everyone
Calmer Heads Prevail
Honesty Always

Tech-Gofer Q and A

1. What does Tech-Gofer do?

We empower organizations to make better, more confident, technology decisions much faster & easier

2. How many vendors does Tech-Gofer have in its portfolio?

We have over 700 Tech Vendors in our portfolio which means we have access to their marketing collateral, sales teams/channel managers, engineering teams, support escalation info and in many cases their Exec Leadership.

3. Why should I work with Tech-Gofer vs doing it myself and working with vendor's sales teams?

  1. We’ll Save You Time and Money
  2. We’ll Get You The Right Information
  3. We Are Vendor Neutral
  4. 99% of the Projects We Work On Successful Deploy/Install
  5. We have no Quotas and Are On Your Timeline
  6. We Look at Things Holistically vs What Just 1 Vendor Can Offer
  7. We’ve Won 5 Global Consulting Awards for our Process and Innovation

4. What is working with Tech-Gofer like?

  1. Think of how simple Kayak/Expedia makes booking flights… That’s what we do for Technology Procurement!
    1.  We Get Your Requirements
    2. We Go to the Marketplace To See What Vendors Match Your Criteria
    3. We Relay Our Findings So You Can Easily Compare
    4. You Now Can Make A Well-Informed Decision
    5. We Will Support Your Decision And Make Sure the Vendor Does Their Job
    6. We Will Support You At Any Time You Have An Issue With the Vendor For As Long As You Have The Service

5. How does Tech-Gofer get paid?

Vendors pay us based on your monthly billing so our help and ongoing support cost you $0

6. Does working with Tech-Gofer impact my price?

Working with Tech-Gofer will NEVER require you to pay more as all vendors have what’s called, “Pricing Parity” where direct sales teams and indirect sales teams like Tech-Gofer are given the same price for their service, and it is the Client’s choice to decide who brings more value to them. However, in most cases, you’ll end up paying less with us because we are able to leverage competitive information, know the vendor’s pricing floors or in some cases, will take a reduced commission rate.

7. How do I know your team is agnostic being that Vendors could pay different rates?

We can share all commission information under an NDA if required by a client. Typically there is less than 2% differences across various vendors in their commissions to us no matter what technology and we do not control the gross margins of their products to upsell, etc. Ultimately, our goal is to create long-term relationships with our client, and that means helping them identify the best solution(s) for them. Long-term relationships are FAR more valuable to us than an extra percent or two on a project.

8. Do I sign a contract with Tech-Gofer or the Vendor?

Any agreement will be between your company and the vendor you choose; we are simply listed as the sales/support associate.

9. What else does Tech-Gofer help with other than finding vendors/pricing/contract negotiation?

  1. Design – Our Gurus can help you design the right solution, then engage the best vendors to implement it
  2. Implementation Management – You’ll have a Success Manager assigned on anything you order who’s role is to make sure vendor’s implementation team does their job and your project successfully deploys
  3. Escalation – If at any point there’s difficulties with the vendor(s) we helped you procure, you can contact your Success Gofer to help get better involvement from the Vendor. This includes things like Billing Questions, Trouble Tickets for outages, etc
  4. Renewal/Contact Tracking – We’ve built an automated system to notify you about contract renewal dates, etc which is completely outside of the vendors tracking/retention process

10. How do I get started working with Tech-Gofer?

  1.  Schedule a Discovery Call - Click Here!
  2. 24×7 Project Desk – Simply call us at (800) 915-8572 and we’ll qualify your project live.