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Our Award Winning Process ensures IT Decision Makers will:

  1. Design the right solution and engage with the best vendors to deploy it
  2. Have additional support above what any vendor provides for the life of the service at no cost

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Navigating the Storm: The Unprecedented Challenges of IT Leadership

IT Leaders are currently under immense pressure, with the urgency of digital transformation echoing in every boardroom. While it's a buzzword for some, for IT Professionals like you, it translates into an exhaustive list of technology-related demands that seem to grow with each passing day, all driven by the ever-changing needs of your organization. Also, these demands need to be addressed yesterday right?

Do you find yourself extinguishing daily tech "fires," battling against unrealistic project deadlines, and warding off relentless tech salespeople—all while managing a tightening budget? We know and Tech-Gofer can make your life significantly easier.

Discover a Lifeline: Tech-Gofer, Your Trusted Technology Navigators

Being an IT leader doesn't require you to be an expert in everything. In fact, that's impossible so when it comes to devising top-notch strategies, identifying reliable vendors, scrutinizing contracts, and seamlessly implementing and managing tailored tech solutions for your business challenges, Tech-Gofer is the best resource to help you every step of the way.

Since 2007, Our Team has a proven track record of successfully implementing a variety of technology solutions for hundreds of Clients. We are fully prepared and ready to do the same for you, ensuring your success with the peace of mind you've made the right choice in partnering with Tech-Gofer.

Confidently Deploy the Right Solutions With
Our Empowering 3-Step Process


First, we learn about your tech-related business challenge(s) on an intro call. If we’re a good fit, we’ll dive deeper into your wants, needs and any solutions/designs/vendors you’re considering using one of our pre-built assessments. These assessments (Gofer Links) take less than 10 minutes and are tailored to quickly & easily gather your specific requirements/challenges. Or, you can also relay the info through a simple conversation with your Personal Gofer.

Subject Matter Experts Craft Your Executive Brief

Your requirements are then audited by a vendor neutral, subject matter expert who’s completed hundreds of projects just like yours.  Your “Gofer Guru” does the research to determine the best vendors suited to provide the best solution to meet your needs.

Finally, you get an Executive Brief detailing what vendors are NOT a fit while providing our recommendation (we’ll share an example on your Discovery Call), which includes all the pertinent information you need, without having to do any of the research, sales meetings or time-consuming proposal evaluations yourself.

Meetings, Negotiation, Implementation

Now that you’re armed with an Executive Brief, it’s easy to make a confident, well-informed decision about the best vendor(s) to solve your unique tech-related business challenge. And, your dedicated Personal Gofer and Success Gofer are poised to take care of the tedious stuff that comes next, all to ensure everything is implemented smoothly and without a hitch. Simply put, for Tech-Gofer, the phrase, ‘Your Success is Our Success,’ isn’t just a nice sentiment, it’s our entire business model.

Tech-Gofer vs the Competition

Why work with others when Tech-Gofer checks ALL the boxes?

Core Competencies

Data / Networking

Cable, Fiber, Fixed Wireless, Satellite, Dark Fiber, MPLS, SD WAN, Private Line


SIP Trunking, UCaaS, CCaaS, CPaaS, Language Translation, NLP, NLU, Call Identification, Number Branding, Chat - Video/AR, and More!

XXXX As a Service

Infrastructure, Desktop, Disaster Recovery, Software, Security, Help Desk, NOC, Compliance, Physical Security Remote Monitoring and more!


Private, Public, Hybrid, O365, Google Workspace, VPN, VDI, Cloud Migrations, DR, Colocation, Physical Security, Surveillance, Access Control, Intercom & Audio, Phone Systems, Contact Center and more!


Web Application Firewall, DDOS, Siem Log Management, Anti-Virus, Endpoint Protection, Email Filtering, IoT, Secure Messaging/Faxing, and more!


Robotic Process Automation, Agent Assist, Conversational Voice IVA and IVR, Digital Channel Bots, Banking Bots, Age Verification, Customer Authentication, Quality Management, Virtual Translator

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Our success is truly 100% dependent on yours as our compensation is tied to your monthly vendor payments.....

Plus, you’re never alone with our ongoing tech support

As a tech decision maker, we know you’re more than capable of finding, evaluating, and implementing tech solutions yourself. But with the ever-increasing demands on your department, limited bandwidth, and uncertainty around the newest tech, why not allow the experts at Tech-Gofer to handle it all for you?

Stop being a glorified tech task rabbit, and become an empowered tech leader. Schedule a call to see exactly how Tech-Gofer can help with your specific challenges.

Submit your info and we'll do the rest!

INSTRUCTIONS: Click any link below to go to Pre-Built Questionnaires which will gather all the information about your project. Once submitted, our team will review and build a detailed Executive Summary of the best Vendors who meet your requirements in 24-48 hours! It’s Just That Easy!