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Risk Business Management Transformation Solution Example
- The recent PwC 2022 Global Risk Survey gives a glimpse into what senior leaders think about their business efforts. The report opens with some expected highlights worth repeating:  Change is increasingly fast and disruptive The COVID-19 pandemic caused disturbances in the labor and supply markets Geopolitical risk is on the rise New regulations, including an increased emphasis on risk, audit and compliance issues, refocus and redirect organizations' priorities Supply chains, cyber risks ... [Read More]

Insider Security Threat Threats Insider Threats Teams
- Detecting and proactively preventing external cyberattacks is a focus for security operations (SecOps) teams, but insider attacks also pose a risk . In fact, nearly 75% of data breaches are caused by insider threats. Whether malicious or negligent, identifying and preventing insider threats is yet another security challenge facing organizations. Companies must proactively find ways to handle insider threat detection to truly protect themselves. What is an Insider Threat? An insider threat is a ... [Read More]

Customer Martech Marketing Team Skills Training
- Teaching Martech to the CMO's Team — Essential Skills 2023 How to best prepare your martech team members to keep up with the ongoing digital transformation. A steady stream of marketing technology (martech) platforms are threatening to overwhelm chief marketing officers (CMOs) and their teams, who are already dealing with legacy systems. This means marketing leaders must focus on how to best prepare their colleagues with the skills to get a handle on martech now and as organizations ... [Read More]


Osquery Security Cloud Source Endpoints Data
- In the pantheon of semi-obscure open source tools, osquery is one that deserves a closer look from most security professionals. It's easy to see why this old Facebook tool that was originally used to query operating system data has flown under the radar. Initially, it was used to improve the usability of Facebook across different platforms; there were a few individuals, mainly on the west coast of the U.S., who saw a hidden superpower in osquery that could upend the way security is managed. ... [Read More]

Customer Journey Data Customers Customer Journey Management
- Brands must ensure customer journeys are as accurate and relevant as possible so customers and prospects can be guided into the appropriate parts of the funnel. Consumers have more options than ever to engage with a brand, and those customers are more sophisticated and digitally savvy than ever before, so it is incumbent on brands to both retain loyal customers and acquire new customers as cheaply as possible. These digital-first customers are not afraid of switching brands if their experience ... [Read More]


Cios Cio Technologies Technology Security Business
- CIO Roles Disrupted Amid Enterprise Changes With remote and hybrid workforces, accelerated digital transformation and cloud migration, and the increasing security issues from the other changes, CIOs are facing more complexity and change. There are many challenges facing the CIO today: finding and retaining talent, a hybrid workforce and the resulting security issues, and supply chain shortages. Meanwhile, CIOs are being asked to take on more than ever. They, and their teams, are becoming the ... [Read More]

Customer Experience Customers Companies Experiences Digital Officer
- The latest buzzword/portmanteau — phygital — should have customer experience professionals asking plenty of questions. There's a big new buzzword in town: Phygital. While a bit of a tongue-twister, this portmanteau of "physical" and "digital" signifies a major evolution in customer experience and an increasingly critical consideration in brand strategy. In many ways, phygital is the next stage of the omnichannel concept that was first popularized around 2010 and has been a ... [Read More]


Automation Survey Thecube Business Citizen Developers
- Automation is one of the key tenets of digital transformation, with 80% of respondents in recent  Gartner survey  citing it as a top tactic for cost optimization. But those same leaders are struggling to implement automation. The secret to success, according to a recent IDC survey , is not hiring developers to automate as many processes as possible, but enabling business users who understand the operational pain points to be able to automate the processes that create the ... [Read More]

Rpa Automation Process Business Technology Capabilities
- Key reasons for investing in RPA include streamlining organization-wide business process automation initiatives and addressing process inefficiencies and bottlenecks. The opportunities to automate within an organization are broad and deep -- including within IT, finance, HR, supply chain, and customer services, and interest in automation continues to deepen. Automation remains one of the fastest growing enterprise software categories, with a recent by research firm Gartner stating it expects ... [Read More]

- With globalization becoming prominent by the day, it has become a norm for companies to have offices or warehouses at multiple locations around the world. Managing the same, however, becomes fairly difficult as there are a number of challenges that need to be resolved. While there are several aspects that determine a smooth and efficient running of businesses or smaller enterprises, communication is one of the top priorities. A straight and clear form of communication is crucial not just to ... [Read More]