Contact Centers

Do Any of These Challenges Sound Familiar?


  • Traditional contact center technology is built around the number of agents, the number of lines coming into the building and what those agents have loaded on their systems to use.
  • Existing on-premises hardware has become obsolete or is reaching end of life.
  • Often this hardware has been determined to be out of support.
  • Lack of parts or cards prevents hardware from being updated or repaired.


  • Multi and omnichannel options are critical as customers prefer to engage via email, chat, social media, etc.
  • Lack of mobility or remote worker offerings means contact centers are restricted to physical locations and the associated labor market.
  • An absence of integration capabilities leads to inefficiencies and customer frustration.

Reporting & Business Intelligence

  • Missing the tools to implement granular agent level reporting.
  • Lack of BI capabilities, historical analytics and actionable information for decision processes.
  • Lack of access to easy-to-use, customizable real-time data or near real-time reporting/dashboard.

Insufficient Call Routing

  • Lack of dynamic decision call routing hurts agent productivity and customer satisfaction.
  • Lack of advanced skills-based dynamic routing.
  • Unable to utilize or integrate with national Do Not Call list APIs.


  • Forecasting agent staffing is necessary to react efficiently to market, seasonal or objective changes.
  • Difficulty managing adherence and agent policies (time, attendance, etc.).
  • Inability to optimize agent time utilization.

Dynamic Routing

  • New SaaS applications require integration to contact center workflows, creating a need for dynamic application level routing.
  • New technologies are moving towards SIP as well as WebRTC audio distribution.
  • Leveraging the public cloud space to utilize existing data and data sets.

Tech-Gofer Vendor Due Diligence

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