Do Any of These Challenges Sound Familiar?

HIPAA Compliance

  • Fines related to HIPAA violations range from $100 to $50,000.
  • Everything from employee errors, unencrypted data, and mobile devices can be the root cause of non-compliance and breaches.
  • Updates to HIPAA regulations and technology standards typically happen at a faster pace than most companies can keep up with.

Sharing Sensitive Data

  • Healthcare providers and their business associates are required to treat personal health information (PHI) and personal-identifiable information (PII) data with the utmost security.
  • Sharing PHI and PII data internally can pose significant security problems but is also a fundamental business requirement.

Email Security

  • Sharing data amongst health care practitioners is a substantial requirement. Email remains the most common method.
  • Email security is one of the most common sources for HIPAA violations.
  • Balancing the need for security with productivity gains is a constant battle.

Mobile Device Security

  • Medical professionals live and die by their smartphones.
  • Securing mobile devices, while still enabling the end-users to function, can be challenging for the most robust IT teams.
  • Increases in Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) further complicate the issue.

EMR Access

  • Most healthcare providers use third party software for electronic medical records.
  • Some solutions are deployed in a way that makes it difficult for remote offices to access.
  • Solving remote access to EMR systems is a huge task that must be undertaken in a secure, deliberate manner.

Cost-Effective Solutions

  • Most clinics do not buy the most expensive products and are cost adverse.
  • Healthcare typically budgets less on security than most other verticals.
  • Distributed medical practices have zero or minimal IT staff.

Managing & Tracking Equipment

  • Most clinics have various medical devices that are rolled from room to room.
  • Per best practices, medical facilities must be kept at a constant and managed temperature and humidity, and environmental records maintained.

Tech-Gofer Vendor Due Diligence

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